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Where do you get your funding from?

What's the cost of supporting a child through treatment?

Different types of cancers require different treatment protocols to manage. The length of treatment also varies from patient to patient, cancer to cancer, and the stage of the disease.
At the Bless a Child Foundation care homes, the cost of taking care of a child and their care-giver is about $18 per day. This includes accommodation, meals, transport to and from hospital, utilities, and any other amenities they need while the child is on treatment.

Will the treatment cure cancer?

The key to curing cancer is early diagnosis and start of treatment before the cancer reaches advanced stages. Depending on the stage of the cancer, some children will have only one treatment but most have a combination of treatments such as chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy. Others may also have immunotherapy, targeted therapy or hormone therapy.
Treatment goes on until the cancer goes into remission. For the children, this means that they continue to go to hospital for periodic checkups to rule out any signs of the cancer recurring, or health problems related to their treatment.
It is crucial to get all recommended checkups to avoid relapses. Follow-up care can include physical exams, blood tests, and imaging tests. This means that the care is ongoing for most of their lives.

How do the children get referred to you?

Most of the children under our care are referred to us by different hospitals and treatment centers that offer paediatric oncology services across the country through formalized referral processes.
The rest come to us through peer referral, by parents who have stayed previously at the BCF care homes.

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